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Komet’s fifth Museum Kit Project was prepared for the Troy Museum and Troy Archaeological Site, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Troy Cultural Association.


Troy Museum and Troy Archaeological Site Museum Kits include sections on museum education, cultural heritage, history of Western Anatolia and the Aegean civilizations, and the daily life, trade, arts and crafts in Western Anatolia. 


Face-to-face trainings for 200 secondary school teachers from Çanakkale region were organized on October 16-17, 2021, at the Troy Museum and the Troy Archeological Site. At the end of the 10-hour long training participants received their certificates and museum kits, and the kits for their students. Online training sessions are also planned through the EBA Platform of the Ministry of National Education. Teachers at public schools can check the dates and details of the teacher training sessions under the ‘Museum Experiences’ tab on the EBA Platform. 


In addition to the educational kits for teachers and students, this time we also prepared our very first Visitor’s Kit in Turkish and English for Troy on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of archaeological excavations in Troy. With the context and artefact cards, different route alternatives, games and activities, and plans which are thoughtfully designed for a personalized museum experience, the Troy Visitor’s Kits present a unique material for the visitors of legendary Troy.  

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