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The fourth Museum Kit under the Museum Kit Project was prepared for the Şanlıurfa Archaeological Museum and Göbeklitepe Archaeological Site; Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum is also included in this Museum Kit. Şanlıurfa Archaeological Museum and Göbeklitepe Museum Kit Project was realized in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and by support from the Ziraat Bank of Turkey in 2021.


Subjects in this kit include museum education, cultural heritage, history of Mesopotamian region since prehistorical times, and the daily life and arts and crafts of the Mesopotamian civilizations. Şanlıurfa and Göbeklitepe Museum Kit aims to develop students’ awareness for cultural heritage, their eye for historical assets and aesthetics, and their sense of research, time, and chronology.  The online training sessions for teachers as part of the Museum Kit Project are available online on the EBA Platform of the Ministry of National Education.  Teachers at public schools can apply for teacher training sessions under the ‘Museum Experiences’ tab on the EBA Platform. 

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