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Museum Kit Project


Komet Culture and Art Projects is a private cultural initiative, active since 2018, designing and implementing projects that encourage artistic and cultural heritage appreciation and strengthen cultural awareness for conservation. Our projects, which are designed to appeal to people of all ages, are intended to bring them closer to the fields of cultural heritage, art, archaeology and history.


Komet’s flagship project is the Museum Kit Project that includes the museum education and visitor's kits that we prepare for the benefit of teachers, students, families and local and international visitors to museums. The aim of the museum education kits and visitor's kits of the Museum Kit Project is to strengthen the relationship that visitors of all ages have with museums, to act as a bridge between the museums and their visitors.


Komet has launched five museum kits for teachers and students since 2019 for Topkapı Palace (2019), Pera Museum (2020), Anatolian Civilizations Museum (2021), Şanlıurfa Archaeological Museum and Göbeklitepe (2021) and Troy Museum and Archaeological Site (2021). In the year 2021, we also launched our first Visitor’s Kit for Troy Museum and Archaeological Site (in Turkish and English). The visitor’s kits for other museums are in the pipeline, including the ones for the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and Şanlıurfa Archaeological Museum and Göbeklitepe.

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The Museum Kit Project transforms the museum visits into an active learning process. It allows the visitors to have an interactive museum experience. It is a multi-step project with long-term effects. It aims to make the collections and the curatorial context of the museums relevant for the visitors. By the Museum Kit Project, we not only aim to contribute to the growth of number of schools and students that visit museums and to transform the museums into spaces of education and experience, we aim to increase the overall ‘museum awareness’ of the actual and potential visitors.


The Museum Kit Project that is originally designed for educational purposes comprises of kits for teachers and students and the teacher training sessions. The kits start the learning process in class, continues it in the museum, and completes it back in the classroom. Kits include rich visual and textual material on both the historical context and the museum collections, and various activities, specifically prepared for different stages of the experience, that is, before, during and after the museum visits.

Kits are prepared by an experienced team of experts in the fields of archaeology, art history, architectural history, history and museology. Through our user-friendly materials, we endeavour to make visitors' experience of museums as meaningful, enjoyable and fruitful as possible.


Museum Kit Project is run in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, museums and the NGOs. The kits are open to teachers and students throughout Turkey for free on the online EBA Platform (the Ministry of National Education’s Educational Informatics Network that hosts over 1 million teachers and 18 million students from all over Turkey). Since its incorporation into the EBA in 2020, the Museum Kit Project has reached over 200 thousand teachers and over 7 million students.

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