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The very first Museum Kit of the Museum Kit Project was realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the Topkapı Palace in 2019. The second edition of this first Museum Kit was made possible in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and by the support from the Ziraat Bank of Turkey in 2020.


Topkapı Palace Museum Kit includes sections on museum education, cultural heritage, Ottoman history, Ottoman material history, Ottoman arts and crafts, Ottoman architecture, Ottoman court administration and court culture.


Topkapı Palace Museum Kit aims to develop students’ awareness for cultural heritage, their eye for historical assets and aesthetics, and their sense of research, time, and chronology. Following the teachers training sessions on December 14, 15 and 21, 2019, a total of 500 teachers of 22 different course areas and their 10,039 secondary and high school students in 36 districts of Istanbul were ready to use the kits.


Following the digitization process in 2020, Topkapı Museum Kit can be accessed online since 2021 by public school teachers on the EBA (Education Informatics Network) Platform of the Ministry of National Education. Teachers at public schools can apply for teacher training sessions under the ‘Museum Experiences’ tab on the EBA Platform.  

Post-Museum Visit Lesson #2 Activity: Cootie Catcher

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