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Designs comprehensive museum education kits, as part of a sustainable cultural heritage education program, that foster unique museum experiences for teachers and students and that are compatible with the learning outcomes as specified by the Ministry of National Education in Turkey.


Designs comprehensive, interactive, customizable museum kits, enriched by a series of activities, that foster unique museum experiences for the families and adults as well as local and international visitors.


Designs visitor-focused interactive exhibitions for kids and adults.

Provides consultancy for the content design as well as industrial and architectural design for exhibitions.


Designs and conducts educational workshops for all ages in parallel to exhibitions and collections of the museums.

Designs and conducts guided tours and training for trainers in parallel to permanent and non-permanent exhibitions.


Develops high-quality content by international standards, aimed at the promotion of cultural heritage awareness, by bringing the specialists of the field together, and provides curatorial consultancy.


Provides editing service to customers for the artistic and cultural content of their work to be published in-print or online.

In addition to the printed versions of the Museum Kits, publishes material worthy of academic  or popular interest.

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